Have You Thought About Having an Unplugged Ceremony?

In this age of technology, most if not all of your guests will show up to your wedding with smart phones and/or tablets ready to take their own photos of your special day. That may be fine with you, but what if your guests inadvertently ruin your professional photographer’s shots? What if they block the aisle with their devices? Here’s just a few examples…

You have the power to avoid these kind of mishaps by having an Unplugged Ceremony.  It is simply a matter of letting your guests know that during the ceremony, you are asking that no photos or videos be taken. You can do that by including wording in your invitation, by having a sign at your ceremony (see examples below), and by having your officiant make an announcement for you before the ceremony begins.


As your officiant, I’m always happy to make an announcement about your Unplugged Ceremony before it begins!

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