Rain or Shine…

One of the most troublesome worries that couples face when planning their wedding is whether or not the weather will cooperate … especially if their ceremony and/or reception is outdoors. Maybe you picked a particular date because of emotional meaning or numerical significance (think 07-07-07) and so you have no choice but to work around the weather since the date isn’t flexible. Or maybe you picked a date and the forecast looked perfect, but come the day of and you discover that Mother Nature has shown up unannounced and unwelcome.

If you know in advance that there is a good chance the weather will be less than desirable, especially rain or snow, then you can provide umbrellas or blankets for your guests and they will love that special touch.

But here’s the thing… whether you know that there may be inclement weather or it surprises you, the key will be to make the most out of whatever Mother Nature throws your way. After all rain can be romantic if you let it (think the dock scene in the Notebook).

And for this sweet couple’s wedding that I officiated at Aspen Park, a week before the big day the forecast said that it would be chilly (45 degrees) but sunny. As it turned out, there was a light dusting of snow that morning and it was actually 30 degrees. The bride & groom and all their guests made the best of the cold and had a beautiful ceremony. Needless to say I had long johns on under by skirt.



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