The Right To Marry

Imagine this… you’ve met the love of your life. Your soulmate. You have everything in common and you sync on every level. You’re ready to take your relationship and your commitment to that next stage. You’re ready to make that lifelong commitment. You’re ready to get married…

But you’re told by the laws of the land that you can’t. That it is not allowed and even if you did, your union would not be recognized as legal. Let that sink in for a moment. Imagine how heart wrenching that would be… imagine how devastating that would feel. That is what the gay and lesbian communities have faced for decades. There were marches and movements and protests and battles fought by people who just wanted the right to marry. At some point there were states who enacted laws saying that it was legal for same-sex couples to marry… but it was not recognized nationwide until the Supreme Court Ruling on June 26, 2015. At long last, same-sex couples could legally commit their love and their lives to each other and it would be recognized as legal in every state.

Imagine having to fight that hard just to be able to marry the one you love?  I believe that everyone deserves to be married to their life partner, and as such, it is always my honor and privilege to officiate at same-sex weddings.

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